19 lovely pictures to prove that cats usually does whatever they want!

The fact that a cat does whatever it wants probably doesn’t come as a surprise for you. It can be an annoying feature, but it’s also one of the reasons why we love them so much.

Cats, after all, were worshiped as gods in ancient Egypt and it’s like they all remember the good ol days. And truth be told: Doesn’t we still treat them like they are divine?

Below are som funny and cute pictures that prove the cat’s sovereignty in the home. If you like them, please share them with your friends!

1. Cats never sleep where YOU want them to sleep

2. They know you bought an expensive water fountain for them, but they still prefer tap water – okay?

3. They will always eat from whatever end they want

4. They will always use the food dispenser as they see fit

5. Cats determines what bed is theirs

6. Do you think they will appreciate the new expensive toy? Think again.

7. If they see a box, it’t theirs. Period.

8. If it looks like a box, it’s theirs. Period.

9. They decide over your Christmas decorations. This is a well known fact.

10. You don’t decide what goes in the litter. Your cat do.

11. How dare you charge your phone on the cats favorite spot?!

12. Despite your good intentions, the poo will always end up where the cat feels like pooping.

13. They sit wherever THEY want – not where YOU want them to sit.

14. Wet paint isn’t their problem. It’s yours.

15. You don’t decide what to wear. Your cat does.

16. Want some paper? Ask the cat for permission (or take it at your own risk)

17. You will NEVER decide where your cat should sleep.

18. Want to work? Not if your cat doesn’t want you to!

20. There is only room for ONE boss in the home – and unfortunately it is not you.

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